Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty “fat modeling”, liposculpture suction lipectomy “suction assisted fat removal” or simply lipo, is a cosmetic surgery operation that removes fat from many different sites on the human body. Areas affected can range from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, to the neck, backs of the arms and elsewhere. In this technique, excessive fatty tissues under the skin are taken out by means of special cannulae with vacuum or by virtues of special injectors. Nowadays, it is the leading among the most preferred aesthetic surgeries by virtue of the advantages such as the practice by opening a hole with a small incision on the practiced region, and quicker recovery process.

Who are the adequate candidates for liposuction in Istanbul?

The candidates for liposuction are those having body weight closer to normal values, those desiring to get rid of fat accumulations in the regions being resistant to diet and exercise such as abdomen, waist, inner and outer thighs, arms, knees and neck, those having weight which is constant for six months or longer, those with good skin tonus and elasticity, those without relaxation and sagging in their skins, those without chap in their skins, those without psychological problems and those being aware of the surgery risks. If you have only one of these criteria, you may be a good candidate for liposuction in Istanbul, Turkey. Liposuction is adequate for those with weight closer to normal but having excess of fat in isolated areas.

What are contemporary fat removal techniques for liposuction in Istanbul?

In addition to classic liposuction, vaser lipo and laser lipo are also practised. Classic Liposuction surgeries have some typical disadvantages. A good skin quality is required to perform a successful surgery in these people. Skin quality implies the recovery characteristic of the skin by tightening after the fats are removed.  This characteristic is referred as skin elasticity. Elasticity loss in the body begins due to aging, gaining and losing weight or in females particularly following the delivery. In order to eliminate this disadvantage of elasticity loss, nowadays, additional instruments called laser or vaser are used alternatively to classic fat removal to practice liposuction in Istanbul, Turkey.

So, nowadays, apart from the conventional and customary fat removal, in order to eliminate several disadvantages unique to this technique we use fat melting methods such as vaser lipo (i.e. fat breaking via sound waves) or laser lipolysis (i.e. fat melting through laser energy). Hence removal of more adipose tissue becomes possible in more effective fashion.. By virtue of these methods, we provide several advantages such as tightening skin laxity, minimizing the swellings and bruises or ability of melting the solidified tissues in resistant regions as observed in males due to the gynecomastia and in breaking down hardened tissues in remained scar tissues following the previously experienced fat removal surgeries .

How the surgical procedure is practiced?

Usually, general anaesthesia is preferred for the comfort and for the ease of the patient. However, sedation and local anaesthesia are also applied in some cases. The surgeries can usually last in a time interval varying between one and four hours depending on the number of regions.  The patients in which general anaesthesia is applied are discharged following the observation for four hours. Swellings and bruises may occur in the regions in which surgical procedure is performed. Bruises disappear two or three weeks later. Although most of the swellings disappear for three weeks, their recovery last for four to six months.

Corset usage is required in an interval between two and three weeks following these surgeries. Corsets are specially manufactured and they are thin. Therefore, it does not disturb while wearing and it is not visible under the clothes.

 Is the liposuction in Turkey, effective in gynaecomastia (breast growth in males)?

In the treatment of breast growth in males, particularly laser and vaser liposuction has become preferable more often compared to open surgery methods.   Due to the disadvantages such as problem of remaining scar tissue, inability of fat removal from breasts in equal amounts in open surgery methods, trend toward to new techniques has increased. Particularly with vaser instrument, adiposity formed in the region is taken out through ultrasonic sound waves and the stronger effect of vaser instrument even on the solidified breast tissue provides successful results.


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