In the consultation that will be established with Dr. Ercan Demiray, primarily, what kind of nose structure and appearance you desire is assessed with an aesthetic point of view and with an artistic approach by talking face to face with you.


Undoubtedly that nose is one the most significant organs that identify the expression and the image on the face. Since it affects significantly the aesthetic ratio, it is among the factors influencing not only the appearance of a person but also the psychological and social effects of this appearance. Therefore, Rhinoplasty has gained a place among the most preferred worldwide aesthetic surgical procedures. Beside the nasal aesthetic, the ability of solving health problems such as deviation and difficulties in breathing in combination with nasal aesthetic has inspired interest to this surgical intervention. In nasal aesthetic surgeries, our nose can be intervened from many aspects. For example, while an aquiline nose can become to the appearance of an aesthetic nose, a big nose can be shrunk, the nostrils can be corrected, nose tip can be augmented or the structure and the size of the nose can be changed proportionally to face.

In the consultation that will be established with Dr. Ercan Demiray, primarily, what kind of nose structure and appearance you desire is assessed with an aesthetic point of view and with an artistic approach by talking face to face with you. Afterwards, the virtual assessments of the structure of your nose seen from different angles with three-dimensional cameras of the three-dimensional Vectra simulation system are done. You can make your decision about the surgery by displaying the preview of your image after the surgical procedure from profile and from many other different angles in accordance with the artistic approach of Dr. Ercan Demiray and with your requests.

As in worldwide, one of the most preferred cosmetic surgery is Rhinoplasty Istanbul in Turkey, not only all around the world, Dr.Ercan Demiray has performed than 2500 of Rhinoplasty, in Istanbul in Turkey.

From which age upwards, Nose Job can be performed? 

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) can be performed from seventeen years of age upwards in males and from eighteen years of age upwards in females. However, the procedure can be performed after determining that the development of the structure of nose has been completed during the examination. The deformations in nose seen in adolescence and the unfavourable image caused by these deformations may lead problems in the social life of young people and in their social communications.  Therefore, the parents can learn the adequacy of their children to this surgical procedure by bringing them to our clinic in order to investigate this adequacy.

What is process of the returning to normal following Rhinoplasty?

Nose Reshaping, hospitalization for one night is ensured upon the anticipation of your physician. Dressing or pack-if used- is removed in the sixth or seventh day. Swellings and bruises are completely disappeared within approximately one week to ten days. You may continue easily to your social life following this process. Afterwards, recovery process is followed regularly in the third and sixth months for Rhinoplasty, (made in) Istanbul Turkey. A nos0e completes its recovery stage exactly in one year.

Will bruises happen after the surgery and what is the recovery time?

The incidence of swellings and bruises following nasal surgery vary depending on the complexity of the surgical procedure and on the structure of skin of the people. Usually, swelling and bruises are noticeably disappeared within approximately one week to ten days. While bruises from the beginning are less in some people due to the skin characteristics, this process may be prolonged in some other people depending on the situation.

How long the surgery time is and which type of anaesthesia is applied?

Usually, these surgical procedures last almost one and half hour to two hours. The anaesthesia demonstrates variability depending on the difficulty of the nasal surgery to be performed. Usually, general anaesthesia is applied in eighty percent of the surgical procedures for the comfort and for the ease of the patient.  This procedure can be done occasionally with sedation.  The patient spends usually the first night following the surgical procedure in the hospital under the control. After that he/she can enjoy many touristic attractions after Rhinoplasty in Turkey during his/her recovery period while listening his surgeon’s recommendations.

Can the cosmetic nasal surgery be performed in combination with other aesthetic surgical procedures?

This kind of surgical procedures can be performed in combination with facial aesthetic practices or aesthetic surgical procedures that can be required for other parts of the body such as liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction. Practices referred as profiloplasty in which nose, chin, brow and cheekbones are included can be performed in combined fashion by using golden ratio in order to obtain a more perfect facial appearance.

What is profiloplasty?

In cosmetic nose surgical procedures, while the appearance in nose demonstrates alteration in serious degree even with very small changes, alterations in other parts of the body also will affect the image of the nose and the appearance of the face. To establish the nose, chin and brow angles that we refer as golden ratio forms totally a more perfect appearance.  A small change in the chin affects the appearance of the nose and that of the face in important degree. With the profiloplasty surgery, apart form the procedure performed in the nose, implant or a piece taken from the nose can be inserted into the jaw or the jaw can be reduced, cheekbones can be relieved and a more and more successful facial view can be obtained with the changes in the brow area in a fashion that golden ratio will be ensured.

Can revision or secondary nasal cosmetic surgeries (rhinoplasties) be performed?

Cosmetic nasal reshapings are the operations that require experience beside the aesthetic point of view and the manual dexterity. Unfortunately, each surgeon may not have at the same time these important criteria. Dr. Ercan Demiray is a surgeon who has been successful on the nose appearances which was concluded unfavourably previously or those that you had not been satisfactory from their results or on functional problems. Especially to obtain successful results on the secondary or revision surgeries needs experiences and competence that require many years.

Will our communication continue when I return to my country?

Dr Ercan Demiray and his team will be in communication with you continuously following the surgery same as before the surgery. As our team establishes all organizations concerning hotel and transfer service before arriving for Rhinoplasty to Istanbul, it will accompany you when you face any kind of problems when you arrive to İstanbul. When you turn back to your country after your healthcare trip will be finished your health status and your recovery process will be followed.