Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has become an important part of the lives of human. To be at peace with their appearance provide them to feel themselves happier and to have self-confidence.

Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul – Turkey

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has become an important part of the lives of human. To be at peace with their appearance provide them to feel themselves happier and to have self-confidence. Therefore, other people notice this flare and social dynamism increases. Although the main reason demonstrates itself as psychological, the influence of the aesthetic touches cannot be disregarded.

What is the difference between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery?

The purpose of the cosmetic surgery is focused on the improvement of the appearance of healthy people and to create a more beautiful view. Plastic surgery comprises reconstructive surgery in addition to cosmetic surgery.  It consists of remedial practices necessary for the restoration of either the deformations occurring after the accidents or after the diseases (e.g. after burns, cancers or accidents) or that of congenital anomalies. Even though Dr. Ercan Demiray works predominantly on cosmetic surgery, he is a physician who has proved himself also on reconstructive surgery.

Why Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey should be preferred? 

Turkey has made a serious progress in health tourism for the last ten years. The trend for aesthetic and plastic surgery has also increased in serious degree in this rising direction. Candidates for plastic surgery come from many places of the world such as Europe, Middle East, Asia, United States of America to our country and to our clinic.

In the clinics, the instruments with latest technology in higher standards are used. In the operations performed by well-trained and experienced aesthetic surgeons, the success rates are higher. Indeed while a healthcare center at the same level and an experienced plastic surgeon may lead serious tangible expenses in other regions of the world, a service quality with superior standards can be received with more suitable prices for cosmetic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.  Furthermore, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities of the world with its historical and natural structure and with its cultural values arousing interest. Our guests may enjoy in our city as their medical conditions permit during their medical and healthcare stays.

Why Plastic Surgery patients prefer our clinic?

Dr. Ercan Demiray being the owner of Maya Aesthetic Surgery Clinic and who has a European Board Certificate is an experienced surgeon who has trained himself for many years having an aesthetic point of view.  In females and males; he has achieved many cosmetic surgeries such as Rhinoplasty, Breast Enlargement, Liposuction, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Face lift, Gynecomastia and Buttock Lift. Many health tourism agencies in Europe, in Middle East Regions and in Turkey work with him. He knows English in advanced level.

In our clinic, apart from the cosmetic surgeries, that we have mentioned as above; aesthetic surgeries that require mastership such as eyelid aesthetic surgery, eye brow lifting, arm and leg lifting, ear aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation are achieved by our specialists. In our clinic, some medical aesthetic and beauty practices are also performed apart from the cosmetic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Some of them are practices such as stem cell treatments, spider web aesthetics, Botox, filling, cellulitis treatments, chemical peeling and permanent makeup.

The most important characteristic of our clinic, not only works as a beauty and heath care center in which all Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetic practices are achieved but also functions as a health tourism organizer. Hence, while much quicker and clear medical assessment is offered by our physicians to you, our International Patient Department provides all needs and requests from the first communication with the patient and it follows health trip process with seriousness especially for cosmetic surgery, in Istanbul, Turkey. All organizations that are needed by our foreign guests are ensured.

The hospitals that our clinic works have international standards and they are equipped with high-technology instruments. During the hospitalization process, free internet, TV with international channels, air conditioning, superior room for our patients and a special section for hospital attendant also in this room are available. Furthermore, nursing and patient care services for twenty four hours are offered.

During your medical health trip, you will have an assistant that you can access for twenty four hours. When the fact that Istanbul is an important touristic center is considered, SPA support will be offered to you to provide you the possibility to visit touristic centers as per your request. Our clinic is one of outstanding healthcare centers in cosmetic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.

Can be several health problems treated during the aesthetic surgery?

Beside the dramatic effect that cosmetic surgery provides on the appearance of people, its effectiveness on several health problems are well known.

When we talk about the rhinoplasty surgeries, while the appearance of the nose made proportional with the face with these surgeries, moreover, several health problems that can be seen in nose such as problems in breathing, deviation can be also treated simultaneously.

Another example is breast aesthetic surgeries. For females, breast plays role of complementing to feel themselves as female. To have ether excessively small or excessive large breasts makes difficulty in the adaptation to social life by disturbing the person.

Breast with small appearance mal lead either physical or psychological problems in females. Not to wear a cloth easily and to try to camouflage within the society disturb the person. People having breasts in asymmetric appearance also cannot wear easily swimwear and bikini. All of these physical views may lead psychological depression. Breast enlargement surgeries are one of the important solution ways for all of these problems.

A large breast may lead back pain, a humped view due to the weight of breasts, and allergic reactions inframammary regions due to sagging and the lack of air. Breast reduction surgeries eliminate the health problems that can be seen due to the breast size beside the serious favorable effect on the aesthetic appearance. By eliminating the hump, the pains and the rashes, females will gain a fitter and healthier appearance. In conclusion, cosmetic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey ensures them to enjoy life and to take new steps in their social life

In abdominal lifting surgeries, sagging in abdominal muscles due to the deformations observed in relation with gaining and losing weight and following the parturition are eliminated. Tightening in abdominal muscles will have a fitter and healthier appearance by enabling males and/or females to eat less. Again excessive adiposity particularly in low back and abdominal regions demonstrates the increasing risk as the indicator of several cardiac and metabolic disorders. Reduction of fat ratio in these regions with liposuction surgeries has important effects on the physical health.