Breast Enlargement

Nowadays, breast augmentation surgeries are the leading aesthetic surgical procedures which are the most preferred by females.


Nowadays, breast augmentation surgeries are the leading aesthetic surgical procedures which are the most preferred by females. Females tend toward the breast augmentation surgeries due to the reasons such as reduction and sagging in breasts following the parturition and breast feeding, innate small breasts, and hormonal causes, aging or excessive gaining and losing weight.

Which method is used in breast augmentation surgeries?

Nowadays, the most preferred method by the surgeons in the breast augmentation surgeries are breast prosthesis (implant) surgeries. Although breast prostheses in gel stiffness or those filled with serum can be used, gel prostheses are more preferred due to their natural appearance.  For breast augmentation, the most permanent method with the most predictable is the insertion of the breast implants.  Although there are several alternative methods of treatment such as fat injection, injections of filling materials, vacuum brassiere, none of them are methods that can be alternative to breast prostheses in terms of reaching to the desired size of the breast or in terms of the permanence.

Which anaesthesia methods are selected in breast augmentation surgeries and how long these surgical operations last?

Breast augmentation surgeries are the procedures which are performed under general anaesthesia last between forty five minutes and one hour.

When can I turn back to my country after having Breast Enlargement in Istanbul Turkey? What is the process to turn back to normal life after these surgeries?

You should stay in Turkey at least five nights for breast augmentation surgeries. You should stay in hospital during the surgery night. Afterwards, you can turn back to your normal life one week to ten days later. Although it varies depending on the structure of each person and on the performed surgical intervention, physical activities such as sport may be initiated on average thirty to forty five days. Dr. Ercan Demiray will determine the periods of activity time during recovery process depending on the person.

Which kind of implant (prosthesis) is used? Can I do the selection of implant? 

Two types of implants such as tear drop and round can be used. During your consultation with Dr. Ercan Demiray, the most convenient size, volume and implant type to you is determined on your virtual image generated by 3D Vectra simulation system.  Tear drop implants are also referred as anatomic implant. Since they are more convenient to the anatomical structure of the chest and they provide more natural result, usually these prostheses are preferred. Again, according to the examination of the patient, round implants can be also recommended by Dr. Ercan Demiray. Especially for females whose inside the breast is emptied, since they form a bigger appearance especially in low-cut regions round prostheses can be preferred. Again, round prostheses can be recommended in breast prosthesis surgery with mastopexy (breast lifting). Furthermore, in nulliparous females or in multiparous females which have not deformation in breast round implants are the first choice because it gives more natural appearance. Nowadays, with three-dimensional imaging methods; the fact which kind of prosthesis will be, in which volume they will be inserted and how they will be inserted, have been conclusive with the assessments done by the surgeon with the aid of these programs. Dr Ercan Demiray uses 3D Vectra simulation program for Breast Enlargement Istanbul Turkey

How will the places in which the implants will be inserted are decided? From which regions surgical incisions will be done?

Some incisions should be made to insert the implant. These incisions are made in axillar region, in nipples or at the under breast line or in the belly-button. From axillar, only round implants which can be only inserted under the muscle can be inserted.  Its biggest advantage is to have imperceptible scar.  However, when surgery is required again the use of axillar region is limited due to the inability of opening from the same site, that of using tear drop prostheses and that of inserting in the localization on the muscle. Nipple is another region where incision are made, however, nipple should be over a certain size. Its shorter diameter should be at least four centimetres. From belly-button, only prostheses inflated with serum can be inserted under the muscle and this limits the use of this method. In breast augmentation surgeries, a four- or five-centimetre incision made from the under breast line is the most commonly used method worldwide which has been standardized. It is accepted as the most commonly used method in terms of mastering completely to surgery site and that of enabling to use all of silicon types.

Does any scar take place following breast augmentation surgeries?

Scar may occur following not only breast augmentation surgery but also many aesthetic surgeries such as abdomen lifting, breast reduction or face lifting depending on either the depth or the location of the incision.  However, the localization of these scars is very important. Furthermore, there are natural scars on the body such as axilla, under belly button or line under belly button. The incisions inserted on the natural lines in our body are healing well in higher degree and they become imperceptible with pale colour in line shape approximately seven to eight month later depending on the wound healing of the patient. Genetic characteristics are also very important as factors concerning the patient and the practice of the surgery in a thinner fashion without damaging the tissue. The skin type and the skin colour of the patient are important criteria in the significance of the wound. The localization of the incision is decided depending on the breast examination of the patient, on the type of the prosthesis to be used and on the structure of breast of the person.  The practice of any method does not imply that this method is the best method for every patient. For each patient; type of implant, the area where the implant will be inserted and the type of incision are determined individually.

Will our communication continue when I return to my country?

Dr Ercan Demiray and his team will be in intensive communication with you since your first contact. Our team establishes all organizations concerning hotel and transfer service before arriving to Turkey and all kind of support are provided to you during your healthcare trip. When you turn back to your country, your recovery process is followed through online consultations.