Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has become an important part of the lives of human. To be at peace with their appearance provide them to feel themselves happier and to have self-confidence.

Dr. Ercan Demiray Biography

Dr. Ercan Demiray who is specialist in Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was born on 1968, in Ankara. He completed his university education on 1992, in Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University. Before the specialization education, he received education in the Department of Vascular Surgery of Plymouth Derriford Hospital, and then he studied as visiting fellow in Birmingham Childrens’ Hospital in Great Britain on the craniofacial surgery during his education on Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Istanbul Medical Faculty of Istanbul University.

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3D Vectra Technology

Differently from previously used methods, 3D VECTRA is a system where 3D analysis and simulation can be created using 6 different high quality cameras. Thus, besides of 3D monitoring of rhinoplasties, it plays an important role in determination of important criteria such as the size and type of the prosthesis to be used in breast prosthesis. Same with rhinoplasties, it’s possible to visualize the surgery technique and the results of Breast Enlargement in 3D. Thus, not only it’s possible to visualize the results after surgery, but also very useful technical information in terms of the operation can be provided for the surgeon.

International Patient Service

We are starting the preoperational period even before our patients leave their home countries and keep track of them also during the period after the operation so that they can have their operations under better conditions. In the preoperational period, we start making our operational preparations according to the medical record of our patient and provide all the services such as hotel, transfer that might be necessary during the medical travel of our patient. We support them about any issue during their stay and provide a comfortable environment. Our medical tracking continues regularly when our patients go back to their countries.

Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul / Turkey

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has become an important part of the lives of human. To be at peace with their appearance provide them to feel themselves happier and to have self-confidence.

Therefore, other people notice this flare and social dynamism increases. Although the main reason demonstrates itself as psychological, the influence of the aesthetic touches cannot be disregarded.

The purpose of the cosmetic surgery is focused on the improvement of the appearance of healthy people and to create a more beautiful view. Plastic surgery comprises reconstructive surgery in addition to cosmetic surgery. It consists of remedial practices necessary for the restoration of either the deformations occurring after the accidents or after the diseases (e.g. after burns, cancers or accidents) or that of congenital anomalies. Even though Dr. Ercan Demiray works predominantly on cosmetic surgery, he is a physician who has proved himself also on reconstructive surgery.

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Istanbul is one of the finest cities of the world in terms of either historical and cultural wealth or magnificent natural beauties.

The view of Istanbul connecting Asia and Europe continents each other is a wonder of nature and it is complemented by the suspension bridges which are the necklaces of the Bosphorus.

Historical and cultural places such as Maiden’s Tower, Hagia Sofia, Topkapı and Dolmabahce Palaces, Galata Tower are some of the places to be visited.

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